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Christmas Quiz 2016

Dewi’s Christmas Quis/Quiz


Some questions selected from the Mountain Leadership (Summer) Paper.


There are 39 questions on the paper which I believe candidates for the ML award are expected to answer at home.  Many of the questions go beyond what the average hill-goer might be expected know so a selection has been made, of the more general ones.


  1. Who was Benny Rothman and what was his contribution to land access?
  2. How many National Parks are there in the UK?
  3. What is John Muir's claim to fame?
  4. Who was Percy Una.  What was his bequest?
  5. What is a

a, Beallach

b, Bwlch,

c, Fiacaill

d, Ghyll

  1. Where would you find

a, Adam and Eve

b, Windy Gap

c, Halls Fell Ridge

d, Jack's Rake

e, Ring of Steal

f, Five Sisters

  1. What do lenticular clouds look like and what may they indicate?
  2. Who was the first man to finish the Munros and how many are there now?
  3. What are the Corbetts
  4. Name and be able to identify an upland bird that exhibits one of the following

a, Changes its plumage

b, Is ground nesting

c, Is a protected species

d, Is a bird of prey

  1. Name two non-indigenous invasive species of the UK hills.
  2. According to legend:

a, What is the Afanc, which llyn is it in and how did it get there?

b, What Cumbrian mountain has a ghostly army travelling along its crest?


Tie-break Question.  Who is the young mountaineer sitting on the trig pillar who's head seems to be in the clouds in the photograph. 






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